Thursday, June 28, 2007

a quick succession of busy nothings

"Life seems a quick succession of busy nothings." Yeah, it really does.

My "Strapping Young Lad Bag" is now featured on! I feel so honored. I've loved that website ever since I began knitting.

I finished a few more neat-o projects...

Like this crazy cool head band! On size 7 needles, cast on 8 sts with worsted weight yarn. Knit in seed stitch until it fits almost around your head. Sew on a button, and voila! Great for using scrap yarn.

I also designed another Treeparty Friend; French Worm!

The pattern can be purchased uber-cheap on my etsy shop.

In other crafty news, I joined a newbie swap on craftster! I am very excited to exchange crafts with my partner, aspenwall, who is very cool and compatible. I already made two small items, very cute items I might add, to exchange. I will post them at the end of the swap, which is about three weeks from now.

Concerning my life goals, I am making satisfactory progress. I started a sort-of kindof diet today. I hate the word "diet". I don't know. How about "healthy eating for life plan", because "diet" makes it seem like it's temporary, and only about losing weight. It's really just me trying to eat healthier permanently and not die before I turn 40. So I've been eating healthier. Green tea. Yum.
Also, I have been practicing flute 2 hours a day. It is so. Hard. I know it seems easy, just a couple hours with a metal tube, but sometimes I am so tired after practicing that I put my flute down and just collapse on the floor. And then I'm also practicing piano for 1/2 hour and a theory lesson here and there. (Today wasn't a here and there day.) Right now I am working on Bach Sonata IV and a few ridiculous Anderson etudes, and Chaminade's Concertino. All for next week. Maybe now you understand why 2 hours is necessary. Or maybe I'm just an amateur. Either way, I hope I am improving myself daily.
Today I finally got The History of Tom Jones; A Foundling soundtrack!

I couldn't find it anywhere, so I had to import it from the UK. It has the most beautiful love theme I've ever heard. After ripping open the package and shoving it in my computer, I almost cried listening to it. This week I have learned that the first step to loving another is loving oneself. The theme really spoke to me. It is absolutely gorgeous, interlacing strings and flute (of course.) Honestly, I am usually not biased toward my own instrument, but the Tom Jones love theme shows flute at it's best. Ok, I might as well go join Thoreau in the woods. I have no reason to love the movie, but I do. I am a bit crushed, though. Both of the main actors got old and wierd. I hate that. The characters are not the actors, nonetheless. I just hope I don't get wierder as I age.

I am making a summer mix and a love mix. They are going to be lovely. I will post the playlists when I'm done.

And here comes the end of my ramblings,


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