Sunday, July 22, 2007

Szeretem Magyar

I officially want to move to Hungary once I am done "growing up" or "finishing school" or whatever. I have never immediately loved a place so much in my life.

Each lovely leaf, each greenery

Was not enough for us to see

I knew our hearbeats would not last

Fleeting time, our heartbeats fast

We took the language from our lips

And let it flow through fingertips

the trees, each fa, proclaimed the truth

perhaps I was in love with you

the 'ternal smile upon your lips

our souls aligned, a true eclipse

I fell in and out of a foolish sort of love about 7 or 8 times in under 17 days. European (Christian!)young men can do that to you. In all seriousness, I have never felt so close to God as when I was in that beautiful country. Nothing is as satisfying as God's work. The Christians there were genuine servants of God. I miss it so much.

Now that I am home, and I realize that God has a perfect plan for every day, I am going to try to please him in everything I do, even the little things. Like practicing 2 hours a day. And I want to lose 10 pounds before school starts. And especially I need to have a quiet time every morning. Life is nothing without God's purpose.

I have been trying to look for some Hungarian praise music online but I can't find any. In Hungary, our host family played Hungarian praise music in the car, and it was beautiful as we passed Hungary's rolling hills and green mountains. I need more praise music on my ipod, so why not in Hungarian? The language is fantastic, and I am still trying to learn.

As far as knitting goes, I worked on a circular shrug on the plane. I will be done within the week I hope. I will be reading Harry Potter too, though. I am also awaiting a swap package from aspenwall of craftster. She liked hers, and I am very relieved. I loved crafting for her.

At present, I am mourning my departure from Hungary. This, too, shall pass.

<3 Rachel

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Off to Europe

This may be a very short and/or incoherent post, considering I am leaving for Hungary tomorrow and could hardly sleep 5 hours last night. Nevertheless I find myself here in good faith to my blog. I am very nervous. Only once was I in a foreign-speaking country, and even then were there many who spoke English to me. Here, I am to understand, very few people speak the language. What's worse is that I will be helping run an English camp. Just me and my partner in front of a class who don't speak a word of English. Literally. Needless to say, I am fairly terrified.

On top of this dilemna, I have not finished packing yet. I have a piano lesson that I did not practice for. And I have foolishly scheduled a day of frivolity with some friends, when I hardly have enough time to sleep. I do not know how I shall get it all done, and if I do, in what condition I shall be. I have already packed the essentials for my journey; Yarn, Jane Austen's "Mansfield Park", and some more yarn. It will be a pleasant trip so long as I hold onto those possessions.

Ok it's really funny how my whole style of writing has changed since I listened to "Northanger Abbey" by Jane Austen yesterday. It wasn't until I reread the beginning of this post that I noticed how British and odd my diction became. Very amusing.

I have no crafts to display, although I have been crafting fervently. have just finished the items for my swap on craftster and will be shipping tomorrow. Which is also when I will be leaving. I also ordered a set of Denise Knitting Needles. I can't wait.

Oh blog, hopefully I will be able to give you more attention when I return.

Much <3,