Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Oh dear me

I can't believe I will have to go back to school in under three weeks already. Oh dear me. Upon my word. Etc. !F*#&$*@#. You would think that for my senior year of high school, I would, for once, actually do my summer reading on time, and not two days before the start of school. And yet here I am, and I hardly cracked the books.

I am planning on auditioning for PYO in September. That means I need to choose an audition piece, and learn two respectable orchestral excerpts. I know nothing of respectable orchestral excerpts. Sometimes I think that I know nothing of music in general. But, either way, for an audition all you really need to do is knock the pants off the audition pieces. And that, godwilling, I may be able to do. It would be so amazing to be a part of PYO. It's mad expensive, which I will have to pay, but it's in center city Philidelphia every week! With the best musicians my age. It would be just like All-State Wind Ensemble every single week! Wow. That would be incredible.

I knit a beautiful Ribbed Lace Bolero from 10 feet high and I am in LOVE. I knit it in Caron Simply soft, which is cheap yarn, but is...well, simply soft. And it really is! It is light and comfortably warm, and the whole bolero cost me under 2 dollars to make. I love it, and will post pictures soon. I am, actually, knitting another one with a different lace pattern and chunkier yarn. I have also finished knitting a booga bag, which, although being extremely cliche, is a great pattern. The bag is sturdy and beautiful with Noro Kureyon's great colorways. I actually used Lamb's Pride Bulky for the bottom and the straps to make it sturdier, with modified stitches. I will post pictures of that, as well.

Today I added a few cute things to my Etsy shop. Like an Edmund the Owl Cozy!

And there he is, in all his owly glory, chilling with my other knitted owls. I love knitted owls.

I also am selling this adorable piccolo case/clutch, for the stylish piccolo player.

It's so bold-colored, but I'm really getting into that sort of thing. Bright, crazy. Whatever. I like when things look like they match by accident. And yet, I hate when things don't match. I'm ridiculous.

I hope to post my shrugs and the booga bag soon! Until then, I will be knitting and practicing.