Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Timothy the Googly Alien

Here ya go, Faye! Sorry this took so long.

Timothy the Googly Alien

-1 skien (or a small amount of) green worsted weight cotton yarn
-4 size 8 double-pointed knitting needles
-White and black felt
-Sewing needle
-Black embroidery floss
-2 safety pins

CO 3 sts and join into round
Round 1 - Increase each stitch around – 6 sts
Round 2 - Repeat first round – 12 sts
Round 3 - Repeat first round again – 24 sts
Round 4 - Knit 1 stitch, K into front and back of stitch; around – 36 sts.
Knit every round until the piece measures about 4 inches long.
Next round – Knit 1 stitch, K2Tog; around – 24 sts

Now stuff the body with fiberfill, and divide the stitches into three equal sections of 8 each, and slip 2 sections on a safety pin to temporarily hold.

Tentacles (to be worked on each section of 8 stitches)
-Now, with the 8 stitches still on a needle, join into the round with the other needles and knit 12 rounds. Stuff the tube with fiberfill.
-Knit two together around (4 sts), cut yarn, weave it through the remaining sts and tie a knot.
-Repeat the previous steps on all three sections of 8 stitches, tying the yarn into the first stitch to start.

-Cut a circle out of white felt about 1.5 inches in diameter, and another circle out of black felt about .75 inches in diameter. Also, cut out a tiny white triangle.
-Stitch these pieces of the eyes into place as shown on the picture above.
-Stitch on a smile using black embroidery floss.

P.S. This pattern wasn't written down while actually making Timothy, but after studying the finished product I was able to resurrect his pattern, or something like it. It might not be exactly as Timothy is, but the pattern is as close as I could make it.

Have fun with your googly alien!